Since Priscilla Jana’s last visit to TWSP, the kids nag me every week “When is Priscilla coming again?” Well today was the day! In spite of the fact that Priscilla has been given the prestigious job of Deputy Chair of the Human Rights Commission and will be relocating to Joburg soon, she found time and found it important to come and chat with the children.

Ambassador Priscilla Jana visited Heathfield Primary today and told the fascinated children – and adults – more about the background of South Africa’s history and her interactions with many of our great freedom fighters in her capacity as a Human Rights lawyer during the dark days of apartheid. She also introduced the children to some new heroes like Peter Mokaba, Francis Baard, Solomon Mahlangu etc. It was a very enlightening and educational afternoon and the children were invited to ask questions.

We discussed everything from racism, to education, to polygamy, to exams, to bullying and the children were extremely attentive. Charles Jansen the principal of TWSP was able to come for a few minutes and meet Priscilla as well….

Priscilla emphasized to the children that if they have any problems with racism they must tell their parents to report the incidents to the Human Rights Commission as she will be focusing on children’s rights as she takes her new post!