Heathfield Primary is the focus of attention again. Mr. Pretorius, Principal of the school has organized with Breteau Foundation to get a number of tablets donated to the school which come with apps specially geared to the CAPS system. Members of the WCED were there for the launch along with a number of organizations, HELP, of course, being one of them. Mona Ewees is the brain behind this initiative and has assisted schools throughout not only South Africa but in other countries as well.

What was very noticeable when all the adults went into a Grade 2 classroom in Heathfield Primary, where the children were working on their tablets, the children were so focused on their tablets that they barely noticed us, they continued with their work.

HELP is looking at this option more and more as it will assist with the shortage of volunteers and reach more children with their literacy and numeracy.

At the launch Mr. Clinton Walker from the WCED also spoke and stressed that the WCED is striving towards more and more children getting tablets in schools and it is no longer a vision and a dream for the future but it is happening right now.

Another advantage with this method of imparting knowledge is that the learners can work at their own pace and do not require as much assistance from the teachers.