The kids had a ball – the adults were knackered. The AIS sent two buses – one to each school – to fetch the HELP kids and take them to the AIS about 20 minutes away to entertain them with games, dancing and sports.

After two hours of rollicking fun, laughter and competition the HELP kids were returned to their respective schools feeling elated although pretty exhausted.

The AIS laid on a feast of note for them and entertained them in royal style but perhaps the highlight for everyone was the dancing. Their excellent DJ had the music rolling and the kids – who love showing off – had centre stage – literally. Jayden got the most applause of the afternoon when he did a somersault in his dance. The kids went mad with their applause.

Then there was face-painting and the American kids did a fantastic job. Basketball, soccer, musical chairs, colouring in and just so much fun.