Sadly we had our farewell party at NWF yesterday. Due to an unacceptable situation regarding the kids’ safety we have had to close down our unit where we had so very many happy, memorable times. My heart breaks but I guess that’s life!!!

We were very fortunate to have veteran human rights lawyer and activist come and talk to the children. She is of Indian origin so apart from answering many questions she also explained the meaning of Diwali to the children who were fascinated.

Ambassador Priscilla Jana told the children that it is extremely important to understand other cultures and other ways of living because understanding enables us to accept others. Diversity is the way of the world and we need to embrace it. The children were enthralled.

Priscilla defended most of the political activist children during the heinous times of apartheid and was also one of the lawyers to visit Robben Island to consult with her clients: Nelson Mandela, Walter Sisulu, Govan Mbeki amongst many others.