Thando, who was Deputy Head Boy at Capricorn Primary school,
received the shield for the best all-round student of the year, as pictured. He has also
attained a bursary to Rondebosch Boys’ High school from Alan Gray. He is not
only excellent academically but he is also good at sports, dancing, Karate
and puts his heart and soul into everything he does. It has been wonderful
to have him in the HELP class and he never missed a lesson at HELP.

The valedictory service for Capricorn Primary was held on 2nd December and
was a bitter sweet day for HELP. Sweet because so many HELP children won
prizes but bitter because we will be leaving Capricorn for the time-being
and it was HELP’s birth place! We hope to go back at some point to Capricorn
Primary but so many circumstances are against us at the moment.